Frequently Asked Questions


What is Asian Food Locally (AFL)

AFL is a food delivery platform that connects customers to restaurants with high quality, authentic Asian food from around the country. We strive to provide tools and services to improve a restaurant's visibility as well as marketing efforts to help them attract more customers. Our partners include restaurants from the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian industries. We provide ordering for dine in, takeout, curbside pickup, delivery & more.


Why should we go with AFL instead of one of other services?

AFL is committed to being partners to the restaurants we work with and helping them grow their businesses. Unlike other app-based delivery platforms, we do not charge service fees, small order or delivery fees. Using our service can be completely 100% free, and you never have to worry about hidden fees. With the AFL app, we’ve created a systemized method to provide authentic Asian food to diners and help introduce even more customers to new restaurants.


How long does it take to sign up?

If you’re a new restaurant looking to get activated on AFL, fill out the sign up form and someone from our team can help you get started. Typical accounts can be setup in 1-2 business days depending on the complexity of the menu and how quickly you complete our forms. If its urgent, just let us know -- we've got a pretty fast turnaround!


Can AFL set up my menu for me?

Yes, definitely! There is no cost for you to create a basic menu setup and add it to your Facebook or website. If you would like us to design a menu and add it to your website (and Facebook), we charge a one-time fee of $99. AFL will also provide the tools for you to update your account and menu.


 Are there any limits? For example menu items, customers, orders, etc.

No! Add as many menu items as you want and accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill!


 Do you guys deliver the food for us?

No. We provide the online ordering system so your customers can place the orders for your restaurant. How you fill orders is your choice. You can deliver yourself or through a 3rd party service. You can also just use the system for pickup orders, dine in, or catering.


 Does AFL charge to use Online and App order?

AFL is 100% FREE for all cash payments and credit cards processed at your restaurant. If you accept payments through AFL, we charge 3.20% plus $.50 per transaction. There are no user fees or hidden costs to becoming a partner.


What do I need to accept online payment and how do I get paid?

It is easy to accept payments for orders through AFL. Simply login to your account, turn off the pay later option and turn on the online payment required. AFL will handle the processing of each order so you don’t have to. For payments, AFL will transfer money into your account once per week just like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub Service. However, you need to contact us for setup bank transfer and then the payment process is seamless for your customers.


Can I pass the fee onto my customers?

Yes, you can add a "convenience fee" (or whatever you'd like to call it) of any percentage or dollar amount onto your orders to offset the transaction fee if you'd like. For example: if $0.50 will add for each item, will help to cover the processing fee.


Can I add photos of my menu items?

Yes, we highly recommend photos of all your menu items! Adding photos will typically increase your order size.


How does my restaurant receive orders?

Customers either order from your website, Facebook, AFL Website or AFL Mobile App. You can receive orders via email, phone or tablet. A notification will sound for 30 seconds, then repeat after 1 minute. If the order is not accepted within 5 minutes, it will be automatically cancelled. 


How do I notify my customer about the orders?

When orders come in you must click Accept or Reject the Order. You customer will get notify through email or text. When Order Accept customer will get message “Your order being Prepare”. After food complete you could click on the Tablet “Food is Ready for Pickup” App will send the customer notification as well. 


What if I have multiple locations?

Not a problem at all -- we have tools for multiple locations and franchises that make it easy to setup and manage all your stores. Just give us a shout and we'll be glad to assist.


What countries does Asian Food Locally work in?

We currently offer service in the US, Canada. We're looking to expand into more countries soon.


Can I create coupons, specials or discounts for my customers?

Yes. You can create pretty much any type of coupon, special or discount you want -- $ off, % off, free items, etc. Plus you can add restrictions such as having to purchase certain items or meet certain requirements in order to use them.


What if I want to contact AFL?

Please email us at . Trust us, we're fast at responding. 


What if I have more questions or need support?

Email us at  and we'd be glad to assist!